Top 9 Beautiful Moslem Women and Actress in Bollywood India

the FTV - India is one of the Asian countries that has a fairly large entertainment industry and is known as Bollywood. Plesetan from Hollywood indeed, but the massiveness of the nation's bloating has made many parties agree with the term Bollywood.

As a country with a Hindu majority population, of course most Indian artists also share the same religion such as the beautiful artists Pretty Zhinta and Depika Padhukone, but make no mistake there are also rows of beautiful Indian artists who have Islam.

Who are they? Here is the review.

9. Ayesha Takia - Initially Ayesha Takia was not a Muslim, but a beautiful artist decided to become a convert since marrying her lover.

Ayesha Takia Actress and Islam Women in Bollywood

8. Sana Khan - This beautiful artist born in Mumbai is one of the sexiest women in Bollywood who has starred in many movie titles and also various TV shows.

 Sana Khan  india Islam Actress and model sexy

7. Zaira Wasim - This cute girl with Chubby face from Yeast is a Bollywood actress who is Muslim. The first film from Zaira Wasim is Daggal that aired in 2015 ago.

Zaira Wasim india Sexy and cute actress Zaira Wasim moslem

6. Dia Mirza - The crowning beauty winner from Miss India Asia Pacific turned out to be a Muslim artist, guys.

Dia Mirza India Sexy Moslem Actress

5. Huma Qureshi - Stunning acting in many films in India makes Muslim women from Delhi have a big name in the entertainment industry Bollywod.

Huma Qureshi sexy India Actress and model Huma Qureshi

4. Zarine Khan - Beautiful woman born in Mumbai can be regarded as one of Bollywood Muslim women who have a very modern fashion sense.

Cute and blue dressd India Actress and women Zarine Khan

3. Hina Khan - Having the Khan clan, the beautiful face of this sexy-faced young artist certainly has a lot of fans. Another one from Marga Khan, he must be a Muslim.

Hina Khan India Moselm and sexy Actress Curly HAir

2. Fatima Sana Sheikh - This beautiful woman has a sexy body that makes her very quickly famous in the modeling world and has many fans in the film industry.

Fatima Sana Sheikh India Beautiful Actress

1. Tabu - Having the full name Tabassum Fatima Hasmi, a beautiful woman from India naturally has a religion of Islam.

Tabassum Fatima Hasmi Sexy India Bollywood Actress

Now that's a row of beautiful Muslim artists and women who came from India. Do you think there is still more to be included in this list?