Maria Vania - The Indonesian Sexiest Sport Reporter and

the FTV - Maria Vania is an Indonesian presenter, model, MC and Sport Reporters. She is widely known as Gym Junky who has the most sexiest body in Indonesia. Her name widely was known after reported the Fifa World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

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Maria Vania began her career as a Model and often participated in various modeling contests and won several Modeling championships both in Jakarta and Bandung such as Champion 1 Aneka Yess.

After enough experience in the model world, Vania tried to spread her wings to the acting world, she had played in several soap operas, including Cinta Fitri and Islam KTP and several FTV. From the world of acting, Vania then tried her luck in the field of Presenter.

Initially, Vania was hesitant to enter the world of presenters, especially sports or football presenters, but because of the persuasion and coercion of the people around her, she finally ventured to participate in casting as a football presenter. And it turns out Vania managed to graduate by getting rid of other competitors who were more experienced by learning self-taught presenting and increasing knowledge about football. Finally, Vania began her debut presenter career on the Sambanesia and Destination Brazil shows on Tv One.

Maria Vania in white Germany Football Jearsey

Now Vania enjoys her profession as a presenter more than models and actresses. He currently hosts several sports-themed events and an infotainment program. And although Vania is currently more focused on presenters ranging from sports presenters to infotainment presenters, Vania occasionally also appears on FTV, models in magazines and tabloids and master ceremonies at various events. In addition, Vania is very active in sports such as the Gym, running and bicycle, all of which she lives.

Previously lovers of the automotive world had begun to recognise Vania in 2015 in the Speedzone program program. Plus his name is getting stronger in the automotive world because in 2016 Vania began to host MOTOGP events on Trans 7.

Maria Vania the Indonesian Sexiest Sportcaster

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